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What makes Esther's Attic different than others is our comitment to finding the perfect gift for your love ones. We will suggest a new trendy gift every few weeks for your friends and family. Here at Esther's Attic we take great pride in offering our newest service where you can order gifts today and have it arrive to your home before your special day. Let us help you choose a gift and never forget another Birthday or Antiversary again.

The business was created in 2015. My staff and I are located in Atlanta, Ga. Your gifts will be inspected for quality by me to make sure we keep our promise of a great shopping experience. For more information on us visit our blog.

Easther Maria



“We founded Esther'Attic with one simple goal:

To make your shoping experience exciting. We garantee a smoth flowing process from choosing your gift to shipping it to your door. Esther and her staff carefully curate just a few unique pieces perfectly suited for your friends and family. We focus on items that you will appreciate and may suggest to your friends as well. Here at Esthers Attic we believe buying online should be fun!” I am so happy you came to our site today. Thank you.

Esther Maria